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I do not understand whether black dogs take longer to get adopted, however I do understand they need decent pictures to get noticed.

I volunteered to get some pics of a few black dogs with 4 Luv of dog Rescue on Friday. All four of these dogs are up for adoption. I’m no expert photographer, however the dogs looked adorable anyway!

4 Luv of dog Rescue has no shelter as well as depends upon foster homes, boarding kennels as well as a partnership with North Dakota specify University’s veterinary innovation program to home the dogs. These four were at NDSU on Friday. Unfortunately, they have nowhere else to go up until they get into foster houses or adoptive houses (hint, hint).

I don’t like seeing dogs in this type of institutional environment. I don’t care exactly how loving as well as expert the trainees as well as personnel members are. It’s still stressful for the dogs. They don’t get sufficient exercise or things to do. It’s not the suitable circumstance for any type of dog. It beats the alternate (death in many cases), however I strongly believe in getting these dogs into homes.

With the assist of a trainee there, we took four dogs into the fenced “dog park” area one at a time. All four are sweet, gentle dogs. Please think about adopting or spreading the word about these lovely dogs. I will make an album for them on that Mutt’s Facebook page.


Sisco is a pitbull-type dog, as well as I have such a crush on her! I am hoping to persuade Josh that we should foster or embrace this lady!

She does seem a bit timid as well as quickly startled, however that might be from the kennel environment. zlé dievča. She barked at me from her kennel when she very first saw me as well as then crouched truly low as I tried to pet her. when I knelt next to her outside she was wagging as well as wiggling keeping that “Oh my God! I just satisfied you, however I like you!” mindset many pitties have.

Sisco is about 6 years old, according to her profile. She reminds me of Ace since she has the exact same white breast as well as feet with black areas on her white markings. She likewise has a graying muzzle. as well as she is incredibly sweet!

She tried to link with me by seeking eye contact, licking my deal with as well as responding well to the sit command. She was trying extremely difficult to do what she believed I wanted. She has a calming energy about her, as well as I just wished to provide her hugs. If you are looking for a mature, gentle woman to embrace or foster, Sisco might be the one!


Oh, Flash. What a excellent dog. He seems extremely relaxed, potentially in a waiting mode since he understands this is only temporary. He doesn’t seem depressed, just a go-with-the-flow type of guy. He was the only dog relaxed sufficient to accept treats. He ate his “cookie” slowly as well as calmly. He seems like a extremely mellow guy, even though his profile states Corgi/border collie mix! I see some spaniel in him. His calm, sweet, quiet demeanor reminds me of a few of the King Charles spaniels I’ve known. He definitely has a long, Corgi body, though! All around mutt as well as very, extremely cute!

If you are looking for a dog to foster, he may be an simple one. I believe he’d be happy to lie around on the couch all day!


Magnum just came into the rescue on Friday. I will think about fostering Magnum since I can tell he’s an older guy who has seen everything before. I envision he would be a nice dog who would be happy to lounge around the home while I am at work. He is happy go lucky without the crazy energy most of us partner with lab mixes. He’s a huge dog, most likely at least 75 pounds, however he barely pulls on the leash at all. It breaks my heart to see an older guy like him without a big, comfy dog bed as well as without a household to love.


Sampson was the very first dog we walked, as well as I feel poor this is the very best picture I got of him. He is a unique dog with bridle legs as well as feet as well as white on his chest. He would truly like to get out for a run as well as stretch his legs. I question he’s a high-energy dog, however he is stressed from being in a kennel setting. He seems like a extremely friendly guy. I envision he would do well with other dogs, cats as well as kids. I believe he came in with Magnum. They look a great deal alike, however I am not sure if they are related.

How to embrace one of these dogs

If any type of of these dogs rate of interest you, the very first step is to fill out a pre-adoption application. 4 Luv of Dog Rescue’s adoption donation charge is $100 plus a $50 deposit that is refunded after proof of sterilization. If the dog has already been sterilized, the charge is $150. before you adopt, you will be needed to provide references as well as pass a house visto.

4 LUV Záchranou psov je rovnako v požiadavke pestúnskych domovov. Ak by ste chceli ponúknuť dočasný dom pre jedného z týchto psov, prvým krokom je vyplniť aplikáciu Foster House.

Neváhajte ponechať extra obavy v poznámkach nižšie alebo sa dostať do kontaktu so záchranou priamo.

Upraviť: Všetky vyššie uvedené psy boli prijaté!

Ďakujeme za šírenie slova o týchto nádherných psoch! Každý pes je súkromný, rovnako ako si zaslúži druhú možnosť v láske!

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