Why Does My Puppy Go crazy in the Evenings?

Why does my puppy go crazy in the evenings?!

My sweet, little puppy becomes a complete psycho around 7 p.m.

We know to start enjoying for “the demon” to come out around this time every night.

Typical behaviors from my Demon Puppy during the “witching hour” include barking, growling, biting and desperately trying to find things to shred.

He torments the cats, bites the leash and is just a complete terror.

He forgets all training and chases “imaginary friends.” My puppy goes completely nuts, running around with “the zoomies.”

Does this sound familiar? (Please say yes!)

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Why does my puppy go crazy in the evenings?

Why does my puppy go nuts before bed?

How to manage your crazy puppy in the evenings

1. stay calm when your puppy gets wild!

2. choose a kicking back walk to calm your wild puppy

3. A note on night time puppy zoomies!

4. Don’t expect your wild puppy to focus on training

5. give the crazy puppy something to chew

6. Tether the puppy when he’s wild

7. put the puppy in his crate when he’s too wild

8. plenty of walks and play for your puppy during the day

When do puppies grow out of the witching hour? When will my puppy calm down?

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Why does my puppy go crazy in the evenings?

I hear it’s normal for puppies to become downright WILD at night as I’ve read person after person describing the exact same thing. Some people are very concerned about this puppy madness! no one alerted them about it!

So, is the puppy’s evening WILDNESS from being overly worn out or is it from not enough exercise?

I think, usually, it’s a little of both.

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Why does my puppy go nuts before bed?

Why does my puppy go crazy in the evenings?

One of my readers said the wild puppy behavior at night happens because the puppy is actually overly tired. instead of needing a lot more exercise he is ready for bed. (Think of little kids throwing tantrums in the evenings when they’re tired.)

In our case, I think this is true. Remy is acting wild from being overly tired.

Remy falls asleep as soon as I put him in his kennel. He does get plenty of exercise and interaction, play and training throughout each day so I do not feel bad about putting him to bed in his kennel at 9 p.m. každú noc.

On the other hand, you do want to make sure your puppy or young pet dog is getting the exercise he needs earlier in the day. That way, when he gets his evening “crazies” you know you’ve done your part and don’t have to feel guilty about crating him!

How to manage your crazy puppy in the evenings

Why does my puppy go crazy in the evenings?

Clearly I could use some ideas myself, but here are my suggestions. Can’t wait to read yours too. Please add them in the comments (we could all use the help!).

1. stay calm when your puppy gets wild!

Oh my God, this is my greatest challenges as I can lose my patience pretty swiftly when my puppy goes mad.

As reader Jessi said recently in the comments of this post:

“I got so frustrated with him (my puppy) on Friday night that I yelled at him and stuffed him in his crate, because apparently I am about as mature as my 4-month-old puppy.”

Yep, me too … me too.

I try not to get mad and yell at my puppy. Yelling is not really going to help. It’s also not the best time to engage in exciting games like fetch or tug. If I do play these games in the evenings, I keep the play to just a few minutes so it’s controlled.

2. choose a kicking back walk to calm your wild puppy

I’ve recently moved Remy’s walk from 5 p.m. to about 7:30 p.m. This helps manage the craziness. We get back at 8:15 or 8:30 and I only have to put up with him for another 40 minutes or so before I put him to bed. Hotový.

Since a lot of puppies can’t go running yet or on really long walks, it can help to have them on a longer leash to give them a bit a lot more freedom to run and step around. Rotate between structured, training walks and “fun” walks where they can sniff and explore.

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3. A note on night time puppy zoomies!

If you have a fenced yard, the evening might be a good time to just let your puppy zoom around the yard for 15 minutes like a mad man. then he might be able to calm down afterwards!

Cute, but crazy.

4. Don’t expect your wild puppy to focus on training

You’d think working on some calming training exercises like down/stay would be valuable during this time. If that works for you, great! absolutely do that.

In our case, Remy seems to forget everything he’s learned and it doesn’t work well for me to practice basic training at this time. We just get frustrated with each other and he ends up biting and flailing around while I wrangle him. just not worth it.

What does work is to practice a lot more training during the middle of the day when he’s able to focus.

I use a treat bag on walks to reward him for paying attention or doing basic obedience. That way, come evening, I don’t have to feel guilty about not spending quality training time with him. using high-valued treats your puppy loves makes a big difference with focus, too.

5. give the crazy puppy something to chew

It can really help if you give your hyper puppy something to chew on in the evenings. Some good options include:

Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter
Bully sticks
Lick mat

If you freeze the Kong, the cold sensation might feel good on his teeth and gums if he’s teething. Plus, this makes the treat last longer.

You can put a leash on your puppy if that helps him clear up down. For example, if you’re sitting on the couch enjoying TV. Although, some will just freak out and chew the leash, ideal Remy?

This would be a good time to get out any of your puzzle toys or interactive toys. A Kong Wobbler is another good puzzle option. The puppy has to push it around to get dry food or treats to fall out.

For a lot more ideas, see the best puzzle toys for dogs.

“Oh hi. I chew up pet dog beds, so I don’t get a bed. I get an old sheet.”

6. Tether the puppy when he’s wild

You could simply try leashing your puppy up and stepping on the leash to help clear up him down.

If that doesn’t work, you can also try tethering the pup to something heavy, assuming he won’t chew whatever he’s tethered too. I recommend a chew proof leash or a chain leash. and of course you must still be in the room to supervise your puppy.

Confession: often we tether Remy to our two 30-pound dumbbells and set him across the room for us while we enjoy TV.

Some will think this looks like pet dog abuse. I call it puppy management. ?

I don’t recommend this if your puppy is getting frustrated and barking or pulling, but it can work well if he’s able to stay on a blanket chewing a bone.

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7. put the puppy in his crate when he’s too wild

As I’ve said, the routine that works for us is to feed Remy around 6:45 p.m., walk him from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m. and then in the crate he goes at 9 p.m. every night (weekends too).

I simply can’t take it anymore by 9 and we all need some time to kick back without the puppy. (Pretty sure myself, my spouse and our 3 senior animals all let out a substantial sigh of relief once Remy goes to bed.)

I do let him out again for a quick potty break before I go to bed around 10 or 10:30.

If you don’t have a crate for your puppy, I recommend a fold-up wire crate. You could also consider an ex-pen or puppy play pen when you need a break, especially if you have a smaller breed.

8. plenty of walks and play for your puppy during the day

If you supply your puppy with at least an hour or so of walks, play and training throughout the day then he must have less pent-up energy at night.

Or, if your puppy is still going nuts in the evenings, at least you know you’ve done your part! If he’s still going mad in the evenings, he’s not acting out due to lack of exercise. He’s just a growing pup who is overly worn out or overly stimulated.

Again, a long leash is really valuable for letting your pup run around and explore during the day.

When do puppies grow out of the witching hour? When will my puppy calm down?

You may be wondering, when will my 12 week old puppy calm down? dobrá otázka! I’d love to hear your answers to that one in the comments!

I think so much depends on the individual puppy and things like breed, personality, daily activities, etc.

Why does my puppy go crazy in the evenings?

Larger breeds – especially sporting breeds like Labs, weimaraners, German shorthairs and golden retrievers – do tend to mentally “mature” a little slower.

The same might be true with higher-energy working breeds in general. So much just depends on the individual dog, however.

With my weimaraner, he was pretty wild in the evenings until he was about a year and a half old.

At that time, we did notice aveľký rozdiel. Namiesto celého večera šteniat shenaniganov bol divoký len asi 20 minút po jedle.

Teraz má môj domáci pes 4 roky a už sa s touto hodinou čarodejnice nemusíme zaoberať, vďaka bohu.

Niekedy sa na to spomínam a smejeme sa a povedzme: „Pamätáte si, keď sa každý večer stal psycho?“ Haha! Takže … existuje nádej aj pre vás!

Weimaraners sú známi tým, že sú dosť nezrelí, až kým nemajú najmenej 2 roky. Niektoré plemená zrelé oveľa rýchlejšie!

Čo ešte by ste pridali do tohto zoznamu? Prečo sa moje šteniatko po večeri zblázni?

V sekcii komentárov nižšie by som rád počul, aké plemeno domáceho psa máte a koľko je vaše šteniatko.

Vyzerá to, že všetky plemená a druhy psov majú „hodinu čarodejníc“, kde idú úplne orechy. Takže za to, čo to stojí za to, nie ste sami! veľa štastia!

Povedzte mi, prosím, niektorí z vás sa zaoberali týmto druhom správania! „

*Ak ste práve dostali nové šteniatko, stiahnite si môj sprievodca výcvikom pre šteniatko. Kliknite tu

Naše obľúbené výrobky pre šteniatka

1. Dlhý vodítko: Dlhé vodítko s 15 alebo 30 stôp umožňuje vášmu šteniatke objavovať sa, bežať a hrať samostatne, keď nemáte oplotenú oblasť.

2. Ošetrenie vrecka: Petčie vrecko vám umožňuje ľahko nosiť pochúťky, aby ste mohli pomôcť svojmu šteniatke zamerať sa. Je to cenné na prechádzkach, ako aj na krátkych tréningových stretnutiach.

3. Kong Flier získava hračku Kong Flier Frisbee je dlhotrvajúca hračka, ktorá je mäkká na ústach šteňa. Je to úžasné pre hranie Fetch na dvore a získanie nejakej veľmi potrebnej aktivity!

4. Zdravé surové domáce zvieratá Fooddarwin’s – Začal som kŕmiť svoje šteniatko surové jedlo od Darwin’s. Získajte 75% zľavu svojich prvých 10 libier. Nevyžaduje sa žiadny kód.

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