Why is My canine all of a sudden Naughty?

My “adult” weimaraner went through a two-week period recently where he was very … “asshole-ish.” much more so than normal for him! Haha.

How do I explain?

In those two weeks, he did things he typically wouldn’t do. Napríklad:

He swallowed a sock! (je v poriadku)
He chewed on our wooden TV stand. (He’s never chewed furniture in his life.)
He got brief “zoomies” where he tore through the hall, barked and jumped up and bit at me, like a puppy.
He played much more rough than typical with our cat – mouthing him and “grabbing” at him.
At agility, he barked at me in a deep, demanding tone while waiting our turn. He typically doesn’t bark.

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Why is my canine misbehaving all of a sudden?

Why is my canine acting so wild and crazy suddenly?

Why is my canine all of a sudden naughty?

An overly exhausted canine and behavior problems

Not enough exercise and a dog’s behavior problems

Other reasons a canine could be in a naughty phase

Older dog’s change in behavior due to age

Why is my older canine misbehaving all of a sudden?

A dog’s aggression due to being tired

Older canine aggressive to new puppy

Puppy naughty phase

When do puppies stop being naughty?

Why is my canine misbehaving all of a sudden?

Whenever someone tells me their adult canine is “suddenly” naughty it practically always comes down to:

Some sort of change has occurred in their life/routine

It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change like having a baby or getting a new roommate. Did your kid just start spring soccer practice? Did you start a new work project that’s taking much more time than you realized?

The good news is you can practically always help your canine get back to “normal” by making sure you’re doing these four things:

Truly offering enough physical exercise
Daily mental challenges (like training or puzzle toys)
Enforcing your guidelines and structure
Providing the canine with downtime to decompress

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In many cases if you simply increase your dog’s exercise, spend 15 minutes a day on training and enforce your rules, you’ll get these “sudden” behavioral issues under control.

See my post: exercise ideas for dogs

Why is my canine all of a sudden naughty? in some cases there are other factors, such as:

You are stressed. Or sick?
Could your canine be in pain?
Your canine is overly exhausted or sore
Is something scaring your dog?
Is your cute puppy hitting “adolescence”?
Your canine is hitting his senior years

Why is my canine acting so wild and crazy suddenly?

My canine Remy will certainly act up if he hasn’t had enough physical exercise. He’s a weimaraner, after all. Weimaraners are bred to run hard all day, every day.

But on the other hand, Remy also acts up even much more so if he’s overly tired!

It’s a challenging balance. The overly exhausted Remy is much much more of a hellion than the Remy who hasn’t had enough exercise. Think, exhausted 3-year-old throwing a tantrum while leaving Disney Land.

Why is my canine all of a sudden naughty?

Changes in a dog’s routine affect his behavior.

After overthinking this, I realized my dog’s recent behavioral issues are related to our busy schedule. We’ve had a busier month than typical in April as far as his little canine brain was concerned.

My parents went to for a long weekend (mentally tired)
We took Remy on a road trip 3 days later (mentally tired)
On our road trip, we ran 18 miles on a trail (physical and mental)
We enhanced our running miles in general that month
On top of this we still did weekly agility and canine daycare

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An overly exhausted canine and behavior problems

Remy felt mentally worn out in April. This caused his sudden behavioral issues. family going to followed by a weekend road trip with a long run followed by agility on Monday is a lot, even for a canine who can go, go, go!

Oh, and by the way, we stayed at a canine friendly casino of all places during our roadtrip (Deadwood, S.D.).

I’ve written about puppies turning into little demons in the evenings because they need to go to bed sooner! This is what happens to my adult canine as well. (Heck, this is what happens to ME! many of us also “act out” if we’re tired.

Not enough exercise and a dog’s behavior problems

On the other hand, in some cases Remy doesn’t get enough exerciseon our lighter running days mid-week. When I only run 2-3 miles, I need to give him much more off-leash time to get the “zoomies” out.

A weekend long run does not make up for less exercise in the middle of the week for my particular canine anyway. welcome to owning a fit bird dog.

Like I said, it’s a fine balance between under-exercised and overly tired! Both result in a crazy Weimaraner! Bože pomôž mi …

Other reasons a canine could be in a naughty phase

Lack of rules: I’ve been laid-back with guidelines lately. little things like allowing Remy to beg or letting him be pushy when asking for attention. So, I’m making a point not to tolerate these things and his behavior has improved.

Not enough real downtime: I set Remy’s kennel up again. It was folded up in the closet for months. I will send him to his kennel when he’s home alone (which is hardly ever) and at night.

Dogs that chew furniture lose their privileges! Haha. He doesn’t mind his kennel, and it’s a good place for him to really “turn off” and relax.

See my post: My canine is kennel trained.

Not enough things to chew: Chewing helps a canine relax, so I’m making a point to offer Remy with plenty of his own things to chew – Kongs, bully sticks and Nylabone toys.

Older dog’s change in behavior due to age

Who knows, my canine just turned 3 in February. Weimaraners are slow to mature mentally. maybe he hit some sort of “maturity” milestone where he’s finally an adult and challenging me. Netuším! Haha.

Age is certainly a element in a dog’s behavior. Some dogs turn uncontrollable when they reach “adolescence” which could be anywhere from 6 months to 12 months depending on the individual canine or breed.

If your canine is heading towards the “senior” years, changes in his behavior could be due to not feeling good. maybe he has arthritis or he’s losing his hearing. Some dogs will start to show signs of dementia as they age, and different medications can also affect each dog’s behavior differently.

Why is my older canine misbehaving all of a sudden?

Dog’s aggression with old age

If your canine is showing enhanced aggression “all of a sudden” or just seems “off,” it’s always a good idea to talk with your vet. Your canine might be in pain or acting out because of an ear infection or arthritis or something much more serious.

My senior canine Ace got noticeably grumpier as he got older. He was always tolerant and friendly with other dogs but as he aged he did not hesitate to snarl out a ferocious “back off!”

See my post: My canine growls at other dogs

If you’re having behavioral issues with your canine that don’t seem to be improving, it’s helpful to speak with with a local trainer who can observe you and your canine and offer some suggestions.

People are emotional over their dogs (myself included). A good trainer can take a step back and make suggestions in a non-emotional way. It might be something easy like enhancing his exercise or offering him much more downtime in his crate.

A dog’s aggression due to being tired

Also, like I said earlier, think about if your canine could be overly tired. My pup Remy is crabby and nippy when he comes home from canine daycare. He’s mentally exhausted. He has no frustration tolerance left.

Your canine might be exhausted and crabby after an all-day family picnic or from your friend’s canine going to or whatever it might be.

Older canine aggressive to new puppy

And finally, if you recently added a puppy to your family it’s normal for some older dogs to show aggression around the puppy. A good trainer can help you work through those issues, too.

Puppy naughty phase

One final thought, in some cases puppies just go through various “naughty phases” with age. That will vary from puppy to puppy, but you might notice your puppy acting up when he reaches 6 months or so.

This is a time when puppies might have much more energy but they are still puppies in an adult canine body.

If your puppy is all of a sudden acting naughtier, I would think about how you might change your routine to accommodate. For example, maybe you need to add an extra midday walk to your puppy’s schedule.

Or maybe you need to re-visit kennel training. Or adding a day of canine daycare each week might help.

When do puppies stop being naughty?

So much depends on the actual puppy as well as the puppy’s breed. I will say that I did notice some maTuring vo svojom šteniatke Weimaraner, keď dosiahol 1 rok. A opäť o 18 mesiacoch a znova vo veku 2 rokov.

Potom, každý rok, pretože sa zdá, že je trochu vyspelejší a menej nezbedný! Haha. Teraz má prakticky 5 a stále má svoje okamihy, ale teraz je oveľa jednoduchší!

Takže, aby som zhrnul, prečo je môj psík zrazu nezbedný?:

Ak váš psí v poslednej dobe pôsobí, skúste zistiť, čo sa v poslednom čase mohlo zmeniť vo vašom živote/rutine, a potom sa uistite, že ponúkate každý deň:

Duševné výzvy

S najväčšou pravdepodobnosťou sa váš psí prispôsobia v poriadku a bude vracajúc späť do normálu!

Teraz by som od vás rád počul!

Stal sa váš psí niekedy náhlym nezbedným?

Čo ste urobili, aby ste pomohli svojmu psovi?

Dajte mi vedieť v komentároch!

Pokiaľ ide o Remyho, zdá sa, že jeho typické ja znova. Bolo to len také čudné 2-3 týždne, keď sa správal ako oveľa viac psycho ako obvykle! Psy …

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